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Patch / Distribution Panels


Use the Patch Panel to simplify and  control voice  and data circuit patch cords. Makes changes to your network easier and faster. Twisted pair ports are consolidated into 25 pair connectors.


 interconnects voice and data circuits
-multiple 2, 4, 6 or 8 wire RJ11 or RJ45  into 25 pair cable
-simplify cross-connects and rearranging
-increase system flexibility by fast and simple  off-line equipment bypassing
-reduce wiring errors

 use as patch or distribution panel
  144 variations - broadest line available
 all metal construction
  contacts gold plated; jacks and connectors meet  UL94 V-O and  FCC requirements
 clean, modern design; made in USA by Ceptele


IBM, Rolm, AT&T, Bell 258-A, USOC
Cable: 24 AWG or lower twisted pair with 20 pf/ft max
Dimension: 1 to 4 rack spaces high, 19" W std; 23" with adapters

 1 to 16 RJ21 (25 pair) male or female
 16 to 100 RJ11 or RJ45
 keyed available with 8 wire system

L = 19. 00 in.
W = 2. 437 in.

H for 1 rack space  = 1. 719 in.

      2 rack spaces = 3. 469 in.

      4 rack spaces = 6. 969 in.
Finish: painted

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